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Book Catalogs & Appraisal

Since we first started buying books and ephemera in 1994, Calix Books has maintained a high level of professionalism and market-pricing balance when it comes to book catalogs & appraisal. Our goal is to provide extraordinary service for all who wish to start a collection of these rare and hard-to-find items. Contact us if you have any questions.


Appraising Your Books

"What makes a book valuable?" is a question that has plagued book dealers and collectors for centuries, dating back to even Roman and Greek times. The destruction of the great library in Egypt was considered to be one of the world's greatest tragedies as countless manuscripts and books were lost forever. However, the scarcity of a book does not necessarily mean it is valuable. While the book can be costly, a valuable book has a combination of qualities, much like fine art. Before you sell an item at a garage sale or antiques auction, contact us for a book appraisal — you might be surprised! The services we offer related to book appraisal include:

Antique Book & Ruler, Book Collection
  • Appraisal & Valuation
  • Evaluation & Pricing of a Collection
  • Brokering a Collection
  • Auction Catalog Building
  • Listing Items On Our Web Site & Store

It's About Cataloging & Description

The founder of Calix Books, Richard Gabriel, has always consulted with professional dealers and experts in the rare book trade. Everyone on our staff is a team player and believes that attention to detail is what counts when cataloging books, ephemera, and rare incunabula. After all, the description of an item becomes its pedigree. And more often than not, it is unique to the book or piece of ephemera. This is why cataloging is so important.