More About Calix Books

Our History

Calix Books started as an Antiques business in the early 1970's with the picking of old Ohio furniture, refinishing the pieces to original finishes using restoration techniques and selling those pieces, wholesale to dealers. Later, Calix had several locations in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The main business is now books and ephemera but we still pick Todd's Farm, and local estates.

It's About Quality

Since we first started buying rare books and ephemera in 1994, Calix Books have maintained a professional and market pricing balance. The goal of Calix Books is to provide extraordinary service and rare and hard to find books and ephemera for al who wish to start book or ephemera collectingl. If you or your family have a collection of materials, books, letters and other ephemera, don't garage sale it, call Calix Books! Sometimes extraordinary things are found in cataloging a collection!

 It's About the Books

Founded by Richard Gabriel a dedicated and passionate book collector, Calix Books  have become one of the best sources of rare books and ephemera. Calix Books' strength is an unmatched dedication for accuracy and properly pricing our products. We take a great deal of pride in our presentation of our described books and ephemera, our cataloging service, and our book and ephemera knowledge.

Early Americana


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Revolutionary War

War of 1812

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Modern Editions

Modern First Edtions

Signed First Editions

Presidents Signed Editions

Mystery Writer Signed First Editions

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Novels Signed First Editions

Letters and Other Ephemera

Pencil drawing- Rare