Americana Books

A collection of early Americana books published in the United States. Topics are varied and include government, war, politics, religion, science, medicine and American history as well as biographies and other items of interest to the Americana book collector. This publication only includes works from the United States of America.

Americana Ephemera

A collection of early American ephemera with emphasis on pre-1800 materials. However, contains letters and other items up to and including the Civil War. Government publications on acts of the presidents, house of representatives and the senate. Privat publications of current events centered around early sermons about current topics. Letters and other pieces of ephemera during and surrounding the American Revolution.

British Books

A large selection of Early British printed books including Black Letter press books, printed prior to 1600. Topics include poetry, science, law, religion, travel government and many other facinating topics. An excellent collection of Natural History books as well, documenting the British explorers travels and collection of species from around the world..

Books of Hours and Manuscripts

Prior to the Gutenberg press and other printers and during the time period, all books were copied from a master book, compiled, colored and illuminated with gold and precious colors to emphasize their personal nature to the buyer. A rare collection of books that are from a time perion long gone and never to return.


A fine selection of books printed prior to 1500 by some of the early printers such as Korberger from Nuremberg and includes early religious works, bibles with excellent print type and paper quality as well as binding. Generally a limited supply of there rare books and works of art..