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Our Blogs are meant to help the collector sort through the very complicated process of identifying a book and learning how to catalog that book. Similar tools are available for grading and cataloging ephemera (letters, pamphlets, transcripts, notes, essays or other forms of paper printed or hand written items that can be identified to belong to or printed by a particular person or entity for that person or event. Ephemera in some ways are more interesting because they only tell a small window of a person's life or event. Books are more complete, a compilation of thoughts and ideas, bound in one edition for study or the dissemination of information.

Our Hotlinks are to our Biblio and eBay sites for additional materials not found on the home pages of this website. The Biblio site is a rolling inventory of what we have available for sale and can be purchased directly from the site. Ebay is all the material we are selling in a short period. We use eBay to change our inventory, reinvesting the money from the items sold into new acquisitions which will first show up on our home page, this page first, then migrate to the Biblio page and finally some of the items will find themselves in a short term eBay listing.

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