Calix Books and Antiques has been in business for more than 20 years buying and selling antiques, books, incunabula and ephemera in New England, particularly the North Shore area. Over the years we have bought and sold many treasures and still continue to do so. We have two additional sites, one is on eBay where we sell items that may be of interest to the collector. These items are usually 'fresh picked' around New England and from one of our favorite locations, Todd's Farm in Rowley Massachusetts. If you live on the North Shore of Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, then Todd's Farm is close. It is only open on Sundays and it is best to get there at first light with a flashlight, bug repellent and cash. Our motto is 'If we see it and like it, we buy it'. Nearly all of these items are listed the following week on our eBay site.

We host some of our items on as well. This is a site where booksellers, collectors and buyers search for rare and hard to find items such as incunabula. Biblio is also a great search engine if you are trying to guage the value of the books that you might have. Some of the items are quite rare and are priced accordingly. Other items we have can be used for references when you are trying to understand a certain area of collection. For example, we have a series of catalogs published by H.P. Kraus one of the foremost book dealers in the 20th century. Other informative books on books are also available as well as some rare and unusual ephemera. Religion to Science to Poetry. We also have rare manuscripts and illuminated manuscripts as well as rare books and ephemera. We also know many rare book dealers, here in New England as well as around the  world.

John Gower's Poetic Works

Printed English: 1554:

A rare work: $32,000

A Knight's Tale

Printed English: 1527

First printing with woodcuts: $28,000

The Koberger Bible: Vol 3 only

Printed Latin: 1487

with woodcuts: $12,000

Lord Kelvin's Patents

Magnus McClean Signed:

1898: $172

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